About us

About us

In 1997 Bruce and Rosie purchased “Margaret House” and Bruce decided to learn about web pages and how to get listed on the internet. As part of his learning process, Bruce created pages for Margaret House, Brilea, Kangaridge and Tamala Ridge (his neighbours and friends) and then linked them together on a single site which he named the “Margaret River Accommodation Guide”.

By early 1998, the guide was coming up at the top of most search engines and quickly started to gain the attention of local accommodation operators. Thelma Adamson (original owner of Adamson’s Guesthouse) was the first to ask for assistance and was so pleased with the success of her initial page that she recommended our services to many of her peers.

We have always linked directly to our clients website meaning we get no commissions from your bookings. We only charge a modest annual fee.

Others have come and gone over the years but we have continued to stay near the top of most search engines. Several of our clients have stayed with us for over 10 years.

Why not try us for a year and see how it goes?

Bruce Darby, web designer and manager of MRAG